Charitable giving in Freemasonry

Freemasonry supports many charities and in brief our charitable work can be split into 4 areas:

Collecting for the benefit of Freemasons and the families when they are in distress Collecting for the main masonic charities, non-masonic charities and Collecting for the benefit of charities in our local communities.  

You will not see freemasons shaking collecting tins or asking for public donations, our charitable fund raising takes place within the Masonic community and if there is a criticism that can be levied at us, is that most of the time we do not shout loud enough about the good work we do.


Charity Donations 2019 Picture Comp 2.jpg

Lodge of Benevolence is Proud to announce our 2019 Donations to Local Charities.

WBro Glen Graham delivered two cheques totalling £1053 to the St Margaret’s Hospice and a further cheque for £200 to the Weldmar Hospicecare.

WBro Peter Cairns gave £400 to St Johns’ Alms House and £200 to Friends of the Yeatman.  Another £200 was also donated to the Sands Charity.

Thanks to all our members for their generosity and support.



On Monday 12th December our Worshipful Master, Charity Steward and Director of Ceremonies visited St John's House in Sherborne. Here W Bro Peter Cairns and W Bro Colin Vine are seen presenting a cheque for £280 to the Master of Brethren of St John's Mr Mike Davies.

Originally built as St Johns’ Almshouse, the modern day St Johns’ House benefits from the unique surroundings of the original Almshouse buildings and residents now enjoy comfortable accommodation in a relaxed and friendly environment. 



Our Worshipful Master Peter Cairns presents a cheque in conjunction with Sherborne boys school to the Matron of Yeatman hospital, below is the coverage from the SomersetLive news



'The Friends of The Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne, have been given a welcome financial boost thanks to two community groups in the town.

Students from Sherborne International, which is affiliated to Sherborne School, presented the Friends with a cheque for £347.77, and the Lodge of the Benevolent presented £300.

Peter Cairns, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, said his group raised the money through their festive boards

He said it was particularly apt that they had given the cheque to the Friends in what was the 150th year of both the Lodge and the hospital'


Some of the Non-Masonic local charities we support and have previously supported